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The Table of Free Voices

Held in Berlin on Saturday, September 9, 2006, the Table of Free Voices was a vivid celebration of the symbolic power of cultural diversity and creative free expression.

Seemingly connecting the world in a circle, this was a round table gathering for the information age: a fascinating convergence of interdisciplinary hearts and minds, of protagonists in the fields of human rights and planet rights, corporate consciousness and ecological sustainability, cutting-edge science and age-old wisdom-traditions, the arts and the avant-garde.

In the historic square called Bebelplatz — the scene, seven decades before, of the first Nazi book-burning — 100 questions raised by the global public were voiced aloud. Each met with up to 112 answers, as the speakers at the Table simultaneously gave their responses into continuously recording digital cameras.

The result was a timeless repository of thought, reflection and conscious insight, a treasure trove of transformative information that invites you to re-imagine yourself and your world.