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  • Activity Peace Activist, President of Sri Lanka First, Director of Grant McCann-Erickson

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Neela Marikkar Neela Marikkar is Chairperson of the leading Communications Group in Sri Lanka in partnership with Mccann Worldgroup, USA. Marikkar has served as Chairperson of several key industry organizations. Currently she is the Chairperson of the Committee on Communication and Social Mobilization of the National Advisory Council for Peace and Reconciliation. Marikkar is the Chairperson of Sri Lanka First a business initiative for peace that strongly advocates a negotiated settlement to end Sri Lanka’s ethnic conflict by recognizing the legitimate grievances and aspirations of all communities.

Soon after the Cessation of hostilities she was brought on board as a consultant to UNDP’s Invest-in-peace Program to help revive the country’s war affected economy. More recently she led a group of Sri Lankan Business leaders to South Africa to study the role business played in their peace process and post conflict reconstruction.

Marikkar is a member of Women Waging Peace Network and at their Colloquium was invited to be a speaker on the role of women in peace building at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University